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Keeping Your Company in Compliance

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Compliance Support

At RegSupport it is our goal to offer you complete compliance support. We want to make sure you are meeting regulations in every area necessary.  From proper Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) administration to Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), learn more about what we look for to minimize your risk and contact us to request service.
Employee Handbooks
They revolve around policies and procedures and some federal regulations which often have updates.  Companies should make every effort to keep their handbooks updated as they are documents which are generally turned to for an understanding of the rights and responsibilities in the employer/employee relationship by the employee, and possibly others...   

Coworkers, Compliance Support in Baton Rouge, LA
Supervisor Training
Supervisors and managers are often considered the "employer".  Training them on federal regulations will help them to communicate appropriately with employees, and minimize liability to themselves and the employer.  An employer may have an advantage in litigation if they have documented a good faith effort to educate.  The supervisor training can be web-based, but is ideally face-to-face.
Insurance Consulting
RegSupport will provide a third-party view of your Benefits Package needs, and work with your insurance broker, or assist in interviewing new brokers if you desire, to design plans to satisfy employees and employers needs in the most cost efficient manner.  New tools may be suggested for your benefits and their administration to control your overall risk cost, other than simple insurance options.  


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